Josh Duggar Found Dead In His Cell of Apparent Suicide

Authorities in Forrest County Arkansas are scrambling to figure out what happened to recently-convicted child porn purveyor, Josh Duggar. Duggar was sentenced to 20 years to life for his role in downloading and sharing disgusting and illegal pictures of children.

The coroner has ruled the death a suicide, but some of the guards and inmates aren’t buying it. According to Lunchbox Mike Kilgaren, a convicted murderer, Duggar was on the “eliminate with prejudice” list:

“That dude did the whole fake Christian thing to cover for being a reprehensible human being. For that he was sentenced to death in the yard. How it happened in his cell in protective custody is beyond me.”

That means that somebody was able to get to Duggar and Epstein him. The first question on everyone’s mind is, of course, where was Hillary Clinton and what did she know?

Merrick Garland says the US Justice Department won’t look into Duggar’s death, because per Trump supporter logic: pedophiles dying is just not an important issue.

How would Merrick Garland like it if the oldest son of a family of weirdos was murdered in his house? Huh? Just what now, Merrick Garland.

Another failure of the Biden administration, patriots, and you can be certain Obama had a hand in it.

God bless America.

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