NFL Cancels ‘Controversial’ National Anthem From Super Bowl Lineup

The NFL doesn’t do many things right anymore. One of the only things you get to look forward to about the Super Bowl these days is the beautiful opening ceremony. Because of their partnership with the military, they always do a nice thing with a huge flag, a slew of veterans and active-service military, and a special guest to sing the National Anthem.

This year, they will do none of it. No flag, no military, no veterans, and no song. NFL Entertainment Coordinator, Art Tubolls, explains the move:

“The people who insisted on flags and patriotism have stopped watching. There is no more NFL to more than 70 percent of Americans. The small amount of fans we have left don’t want the song, so we aren’t going to give it to the,”

A recent poll of CNN viewers said they hate the National Anthem, America, and especially Jesus. If Santa was on the list, they’d hate him too.

Experts across YouTube are currently filming 45-minute pickup truck rants to protest the move. Facebook has issued a statement that there may be some connection issues as millions of patriots are expected to log on to be outraged at the same time.

The best we can do is hope that this will be the last year we have to worry about any of this.

God bless America.

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