Barbara Walters Speaks Out: ‘The View Has Become A Joke’

Barbara Walters, the iconic journalist who started The View, says the show has become a joke, and that she’s ashamed to be associated with it. The comments came in an interview with CNN that the network now denies ever happened, even though they designed the graphic in the image you saw.

So what actually happened? It would appear that Walters, who suffers from dementia and probably doesn’t have any clue what’s going on with The View, would probably have said that, according to her close friend Julie.

Julie, who admits she hasn’t seen Wawa in over a decade, says that’s no reason not to take her words seriously:

“Imagine being Barbara Walters, and you have all of these things to say, and nobody will take your calls because you typically can’t remember your own name. So then a story like this happens. and those of us closest to her have to be her voice. This voice says she is very disappointed.”

Other versions of the voice say the exact opposite, of course, and Barbara herself really just wants some butterscotch pudding and her cat. We can’t blame you for that, sweetie.

The current cast of The View says it’s awful that we keep writing these things and they’ve asked us politely to stop. Unfortunately, this is far too much fun.

God bless America.

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