Candace Owens Issues Official Apology to President Trump

Conservative media superstar Candace Owens had the rare opportunity to talk to President Trump on her show, and it did not go all that well. During a segment about vaccines, Ms. Owens took a stance President Trump isn’t fond of.

If you don’t follow her, Candace Owens is very much opposed to the vaccine in every way. Not just mandates, but taking the vaccine at all. She has claimed time and time again that the vaccine is an evil Democrat plot to control the masses.

Trump, who was responsible for Operation Warp Speed, told Candace that he created three vaccines in nine months when it should have taken 5 1/2 to 12 years. Those vaccines work. People who are vaccinated don’t die nearly as often. Period.

Trump has obviously grown tired of his base dying off in uneven numbers compared to Democrats, so he wanted to make sure Candace and her following know that the Democrats aren’t responsible for the vaccines, he is. Personally.

Candace reached out to President Trump and offered her sincere apologies for attacking what is literally the only good thing the man can take any credit for.

Even though all three of the US-approved vaccine manufacturers have said that they didn’t have anything to do with OWS, and even though the only company that did was the Russian one that stole their data from Oxford, they still say they thank President Trump for sitting behind the Resolute Desk when it happened.

Joe Barron, CEO of Pfizer, said:

“Trump was pretty effective at creating patients, so there’s that. Otherwise he was useless. Operation Warp Speed was a joke. We’ve been working on messemger rna since Sras-COV-1 20 years ago. Nobody needs the orange guy to tell us it’s okay to save the human race.”

That doesn’t sound very patriotic, but as it turns out, Barron is from Boston, so his opinion doesn’t count.

That’s that, Patriots. Trump created the vaccine, but it’s bad because we also love Candace, but she apologized, so somehow, some way, everything is now alright.

God bless America.

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