Forensics Has Been Digging Up The Clinton’s Westchester Property For a Week

Why are there forensics vans and yellow tape all around the Clintons’ Westchester property? They own a huge chunk of land there with two houses. According to sources on the scene, it is most definitely a crime scene.

Most importantly, why is the mainstream media not reporting it?

The Clintons moved to Westchester County New York just after Benghazi. They bought a house that was placed in an odd location, making it impossible for any township to claim taxes. It also meant there was no jurisdiction to investigate anything there unless it was at the state or federal level.

Did the state or the feds find evidence of something? We called around to our “colleagues” at CNN, NBC, and even Fox, and got no reply. We sent a request to the Clinton Foundation for comment, but they were less than cooperative.

Foundation spokesman, Art Tubolls, told us we had crossed the line with them years ago when we exposed their human trafficking and weapons depot at the Port of Baltimore

“You people are ridiculous,” said Tubolls, “this is obviously just a reboot of something that went viral and made you a truckload of cash before. It’s ridiculous. You make stuff up and call us for comments. Just stop. Cut it out.”

We’ll never stop, patriots. Not until we get to the truth.

God Bless America.

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