Biden Gives Struggling NFL $3 Billion in Free Federal Grants

The NFL, as we all know, is dying. This season was their worst on record, with attendance down 52 percent and overall revenue in the toilet. According to experts, the boycott of the league by patriotic Americans has sealed its fate.

Jimbo41121, who has nearly 400K followers on Twitter, says not one of his people has so much as looked near a TV with an NFL game on. “They walk out of restaurants if they won’t switch the channel to Fox.”

HallyQ419, who was one short of the perfect Reddit username, follows nearly one million pro football fans, and posts the statistics daily. Of her follows, only 11 percent are still watching the NFL.

You can’t make this stuff up, Patriots. In response, Biden had to give them $3 Billion of your tax dollars. He did it in the middle of the night, with nobody watching, and the mainstream media said nothing.

Press Secretary Jenn Psaki responded to our request for comment but offered little explanation:

“If such a thing did exist, yes, Joe Biden would probably help the NFL. Please stop emailing me. I have work to do.”

Apparently, Jenn Psaki only has “time” for “real” publications. This right here, patriots, is why you can’t trust the MSM. They’re all Jenn Psaki.

God Bless America.

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