Text Messages From The Capitol Show Obama and Biden Complicit in Inciting Riots

The January 6th Committee is hiding the truth, patriots. According to our sources, which may or may not be totally credible, the Democrats have excluded texts from evidence that prove that Obama and Biden were in contact with Antifa that day and helping to plan the riots.

They don’t want you to know what really happened, patriots. The way the sources tell it, the story is quite simple:

“Obama and Biden knew that Trump supporters, by and large are imbeciles. They knew they could get them to follow anyone with a wingnut flag to “save America and own the libs.””

They knew, and they organized it. They told their man on the ground to grab a Trump flag and run towards the building, and the inertia of the crowd’s stupidity would do the rest.

While that’s not how we’d like to admit that it happened, it’s true. But it means that every single person charged was entrapped, so all charges will have to be dismissed.

We all know what happens then, patriots. Everyone at the Capitol that day gets Rittenhoused. Instant heroes. Better than acquittal. Never even a charge.

It’ll be glorious, patriots. We’ll be able to make new videos and edit the footage to make the day look like it should when we write the history books: A nice tour of the building by some eager guests following Obama’s lead.

God bless America.

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