“Brandon” T-Shirt Is This Year’s #1 Christmas Gift


Are you sick of the same old sweaters and ties and socks?  Are you dumbfounded by Christmas shopping and have you resigned yourself to just giving out boring old gift cards this year?

Do you have a liberal friend who you think could flip to the right side with just a little encouragement to eliminate his conscience?

“You’re telling me I can get filthy rich by being trickled on? Well HOWDY DOO!”

The last one seems to be what a majority of Americans are thinking of this season, since the current best-selling gift is the infamous “Let’s Go Brandon” T-Shirt, which sells for anywhere from $12.95 on SandyBatt.com, a cheap Amazon site, to $89.95 from TrumpShavesYourAssAgain.com, the former President’s official money yoinking page.

From Orgeon to Maine and in-between, the comical shirt has been outselling all other merchandise, including “Deadpool” clothing and faux Phil Collins drumsticks.

Merchandisial advertising expert Joe Barron has some thoughts on why this blouse is in The House this year.

“A T-shirt, first of all, is just about the simplest form of clothing there is.  So, for the simplest people, it’s just perfect.  I mean, these people are no spring chickens.

They still laugh at ‘Where’s the beef’ and ’23 Skidoo.’  Of course this ‘Brandon’ thing is a laugh riot to them.  They ain’t bright.”

Are you getting one of these artisinal jerseys for your closest loved one or for the guy who bags your groceries?  That’s sure to make Christmas…built back better.