Biden Orders ‘Emergency Gas Vouchers’ For People on Welfare

Joe Biden says people on welfare should get a subsidy from the government to buy, of all things, gasoline. Is he serious? Does he not understand how welfare works?

People on welfare in this country are living large. According to our sources at OAN and Reddit, welfare recipients can earn upwards of $172K per year.

If you don’t understand how, you’re probably not looking beyond the mainstream media and believing what the actual numbers from the CBO say rather than doing your own research.

Youtuber Art Tubills, who knows all about this kind of thing, says he’s witnessed it in person:

“I’ve been to the store and seen people pay with their welfare card. Sometimes they buy cookies and other crap for their kids. Then they get a text…on their cell phone. Why am I paying for you to eat if you have a cell phone? Then, they leave and do they get on a bus or walk home? No. They get in a car, which Biden now wants to put free gas in, and go to their drug dealer’s house. to sell the groceries.”

It’s true, patriots. Not just because that guy said so but because we really want to believe it. So call or write your Congressman and tell them that you don’t want to pay for their gas.

They already get half-off of their Amazon membership. That’s just not fair.

God bless America.


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