Chris Wallace is Going to Work for Joe Biden

This just in through back-channels, patriots. Chris Wallace didn’t just up and quit Fox. He was drawn away with an offer from the Biden Administration.

According to our sources inside the West Wing that aren’t government employees or the press, Biden has cleared an office for him and established a new “Office of the Deputy Director of Communications.”

Not only is Wallace getting a title and a nice salary, but he’s also taking the Toby Zieglar suite for his office, which has been vacant out of respect since 2003.

What will he actually do there? According to our source, they simply don’t know:

“It’s not that they don’t know what he’ll be doing there. They probably do. It’s that we don’t know. Honestly, they don’t really tell us anything. I don’t even think Blake is supposed to be here. So it’s definitely us. We don’t know squat.”

Well, that certainly clears that up. The Biden administration is so inept, they can’t even keep qualified confidential source leaks informed. It’s a travesty, plain and simple.

Wallace refused our request for comment, probably because we didn’t bother sending one. The number of the White House switchboard still hasn’t changed in forever if you need to learn things.

Google is your friend. God bless America.

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