Georgia GOP Investigation Finds ‘Master Ballot’ on a Hard-Drive Linked to Stacey Abrams

The Georgia GOP has uncovered evidence that Stacey Abrams may be involved in horrible voter-fraud crimes, patriots. Are you surprised?

According to our source, who may have direct contact with the investigators, a computer was discovered with an unauthorized copy of a master ballot for the 2022 statewide election. That computer has been linked to Stacey Abrams.

This is Stacey Abrams. You don’t like her.

The investigators had no choice but to call the FBI, who took immediate possession of the computers in question and opened their own investigation. Our source tells us that they will use every resource to see if the link between the computer and Abrams is what the team says it is.

They haven’t said how long the investigation will take or whether or not Abrams will be questioned.

Senior Agent Art Tubolls of the FBI Election Misinformation and Satire Task Force, says he’s not so sure the GOP is seeing what they think they’re seeing:

“So…the computer in question with the unauthorized ballot was decommissioned and in storage, waiting to be scrubbed and sold at public auction. The link to Stacey Abrams is interesting, however, so we’ll definitely have to look into that.”

The link, according to GOP spokesman Joe Barron, is a little weak, but definitely needs some looking into. “The computer used to be at the desk of a woman who worked for the election commission, so the copy was technically authorized to her. That woman is Stacey’s neighbor, and reports say Abrams attended a block party in 2019 at which there’s a good possibility the two may have met.”

Seems a bit shaky, but we’ll see how it plays out. Hopefully, they can make the connection and charge Abrams.

God Bless America.

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