Biden Promises To Pardon Andrew Cuomo If He ‘Resigns Quietly’

Joe Biden has officially done it, folks. He’s protecting the guy who has been charged with 11 counts of being an asshole, offering him a full pardon if he steps aside. How can that be legal? Because when Joe Biden says he can do something, he just does it.

Cuomo will probably now take the deal, which nobody will ever report, of course, and be sent out to pasture with the other disgraced Democrats like Al Franken, who admitted to being the sacrificial lamb for a party of feelings.

Cuomo is lucky he isn’t a Republican. Had he been charged with those things and been a member of the GOP, he would most likely have to endure a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court, or possibly a few sessions as Speaker of the House. If he keeps denying it, he might end up in the White House if he’s not careful.

Cuomo’s deal will include a free boat ride to the edge of nobody gives a fuck after the party that actually holds people accountable for this shit is done kicking him around and impeaching him if necessary.

Because that’ how it’s supposed to work, patriots. Believe it or not. At this point, he’s no better than that guy who was being sued along with Epstein for raping a 13-year-old girl. What was his name again?

Yeah. God bless America.

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