Dog The Bounty Hunter’s New Show Cancelled For “Extreme Views”

The truth is right there in front of you

Dog The Bounty Hunter had a new show, and had even been recorded when the streaming service pulled his contract. Dog, who’s real name is Duane Chapman, had a show that was extremely successful and boosted the Christian bounty hunter into superstardom in the early 2000s.

The streaming service pulled the bounty hunter’s show after he was caught on camera making statements that were “not in line with company policy” and went against Mr Chapman’s contract. The streaming service has a clause in every performer’s contract stating that they must not put the company in a bad light at any time. The bounty Hunter, famous for his no nonsense attitude, is fighting back.

Dog Chapman is no stranger to controversy or controversial statements. The left have been a thorn in his side for years. No matter if it’s questionable tactics to catch absconders, the way he treats women or what they perceive to be racist statements (make no mistake, Dog Chapman is a racist), they’ve been coming after him, pointing out his massive inadequacies and that he’s a criminal himself. What they haven’t done is forced him to do something about that rat infested mullet he has on his head.

“It’s another case of cancel culture” says Joe Barron, president of the Northwest Arkansas Anti Cancel Culture Initiative. “Liberals see something that conservatives like, and they cancel it. They’ve done it for years. Racism, inbreeding, you name it, and they’ve taken it away from us”. He went on to lament how liberals even poke fun of Americans who scrape up dead groundhogs off the highway and treat them as a gourmet meal. It’s just not fair.

Dog Chapman is a hero to less intelligent Americans. They see the flashy mullet, the barely English gibberish, and the fact the N word and other colorful racial epithets flow freely out of his wrinkled mouth. Dog Chapman looks like he crawled out of a 1980s hard rock music video and his attitude and way of thinking comes right out of 1880. Of course he appeals to the trash culture. I guess you’ll have to find some other mindless tv to watch.

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