Biden’s Dogs Doing ‘Irreparable Damage’ to White House

The truth is right there in front of you

Joe Biden brought two dogs with him to the White House.  Most presidents have one, that they get during the last year of their presidency. But not Sleepy Joe.

He brought two of them, and they’re running roughshod all over the people’s house. The disrespect and classlessness that Biden brought into our house must be brought to the people’s attention.

Major and Champ, Biden’s two dogs, have been running all over the place. Chewing up priceless White House artifacts, getting dog hair on the rugs and carpeting, even sleeping on the furniture.

And what does Biden do?

Nothing. Not a thing.

These dogs are just destroying the White House and making a mockery of what it means to be the First Dog. Trump knew that dogs were trouble, which is why he didn’t disrespect the White House by bringing a dog in.

The two dogs even managed to destroy Melania Trump’s redesign of the Rose Garden, leaving a trail of destruction from one end to the other, leaving a scene of utter chaos and dirt from chewed flowers and pee stains on the trees.

Champ, the younger Biden dog, even took liberties with the statue of Melania that was left in her honor, desecrating the good First Lady’s likeness. It’s sad to see what they’ve done since moving into the White House.

Head of White House Maintenance, Joe Barron, an employee who’s been there for over 25 years, just shook his head in disbelief.

When he went into the Rose Garden to survey the damage, he came back shocked.

“Those two actually improved what that idiot did. It’s actually nicer, especially when Major lifted his leg to Melania’s statue, former President Trump would have actually been happy, seeing as that’s what that fat pig is into.”

Barron estimated the damage to the statue to be in the tens of Rubles.

Having the two dogs in the White House, especially being rescue dogs is amazing. They’re both well-behaved, trained good boys, unlike our former President, who, compared to them, was an animal.

It’s great having pups in the White House once again, because really, is there anything better than a dog, I mean besides two dogs? I didn’t think so either. Make us proud, boys!!!

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