Chuck Schumer’s New Senate Rules Declared Unconstitutional

When Chuck Schumer decided that 50-50 meant he was the Senate Majority Leader, Kamala Harris broke the tie, and so it became true. Because that’s what the law says has to happen.

But that wasn’t enough for Chuck. He decided to go ahead and do what no Majority Leader has ever done before: come up with his own set of rules.

Under Schumer’s rules, the Senate has the sole power to do things like pass House legislation by a supermajority, schedule or refuse to schedule hearings and investigations, call votes on the Senate floor, and try a President for high crimes and misdemeanors, sitting or otherwise.

He thought he got away with it, but unfortunately, there’s this thing called the United States Constitution.

You may be saying, “that list of things sounds familiar.” You’re right. That list was specifically added to the Magna Carta during its creation aboard the Mayflower, when Americans came and first explored their new country.

Democrats think they can seize on ancient history rather than going by what is in the actual constitution, which is so obvious we really don’t even need to say it.

Well they were wrong. The Lower Superior State Court of the 11th Federal District of Writs and Appellates ruled that the words in the Magna Carta, even if they were specifically copied into the Declaration of Independence, wouldn’t be valid as a constitutional argument due to intent.

We don’t have a king, Chucky. We have a President, and 50 Senators and like 800 members of the House. Do a little research next time.

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