NBA Will Force Mark Cuban to Sell Dallas Mavericks

Mark Cuban has directed the Dallas Mavericks to stop playing the National Anthem prior to games held at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX.

As a result, the NBA will force the sale of the team to someone who isn’t an anti-American communist traitor.

A visibly angry Commissioner Art Tubolls met with the press about the shocking events.

“Frankly we’re disgusted by Mr. Cuban’s absolute refusal to consult with the league about his refusal to play the National Anthem. It’s unpatriotic. Little Harold in Gotham City cried for hours when he didn’t hear the song played one night when he was in the bathroom before a Knights game.

What makes this even worse is that if we don’t have the National Anthem played before games then our players can’t kneel during it. How are we going to protest now?

We’re giving the Mavericks until the end of the month to sell before the league takes over. You can bet your sweet bippy that we’ll play the anthem before every game!”

The playing of the National Anthem before games is an antiquated forced display of patriotism that began around the end of World War II.

It just became something that was done without question as part of a meaningless gesture to appease no one in particular and gained no attention whatsoever unless it was at the Super Bowl.

No attention until Colin Kaepernick began kneeling before the anthem in an attempt to bring attention to racial inequality and police brutality.

Kneeling brought the song into the forefront and made conservatives everywhere who normally burp, fart, drink, and talk during the anthem clutch their pearls.

It is long overdue that the league is forcing this sale.

For American patriots. For our police and military. But most of all, for little Harold of Gotham City.

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