Liberal Lie Machine Rebrands ‘Cancel Culture’

The truth is being canceled right there in front of you

Liberals are canceling conservatives at record rates. But now they have stopped calling it “Cancel Culture.” Cancel Culture has been picked up by conservatives who are calling out these liberals for trying to hurt conservatives by canceling them.

Now they’re going around the phrase by saying it’s good for them, that it is the consequences of their actions. They now call it “consequences culture.” This is targeting conservatives’ free speech and only conservative speech.

Conservatives have long been victims of liberals and liberal cancellation. They act as if the truth is hate speech. From Facebook to Twitter to even careers of conservative Americans, liberals are always there to pounce on patriotic Americans telling their truths.

It’s just wrong and it needs to stop, especially calling it “consequence culture.” It’s acting as if conservatives need to be punished for their words.

Liberals say that people such as Morgan Wallen, country singer, MyPillow’s Mike Lindell, and other prominent conservatives need to be held accountable for the things they say and actions they take. Imagine being ostracized for your beliefs, and having your career destroyed for what you say that is “unpopular” with a small segment of the population that you don’t care about.

Joseph Barron, president and CEO of Cancel Inc, and Hair Club For Men, respectively, where he’s not just the president but also a client, knows all too well about cancel culture and its effects.

“My ex-wife canceled me, moved another, better me in my place, and canceled my savings and cultured in right into hers. Always said something about me being a loser and not caring or something. I showed her though.  I not only have a full head of hair, but I’m the head of everything that’s stupid and obnoxious.”

Cancel Culture isn’t a boy band. It’s a way of liberals controlling the horrible, stupid, ignorant things that spill out of uneducated conservatives’ mouths and or keyboards and making them pay for such ignorance.

Maybe it really is consequences culture, but that’s too big of a word for stupid people. Stupid people who don’t know to not say the quiet things out loud. Maybe instead of crying about it, cancel your internet connection and pick up a book sometime. God bless America.

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