Biden Pardons Hillary Clinton For Benghazi And Other Crimes

hillary gets off!

Hillary Clinton has had more than her fair share of controversies.

Benghazi, multiple suspicious homicides, including Clinton Foundation Investigator Kenneth McCormick and the computer repair shop owner that gave Hunter Biden’s laptop to the FBI, the Whitewater scandal, and the list goes on and on.

Hillary Clinton appears to have had her hand in so many crimes that we have lost count.

There have been hundreds of investigations, both by Congress and criminal investigators, yet Mrs. Clinton has always been able to somehow magically dodge a bullet, despite the mountain of evidence against her.

And now, President Joe Biden has issued his first pardon since taking office.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has been pardoned for any and all crimes she committed before, during, and after she held office.

It is truly ironic and more than hypocritical that President Biden would choose Mrs. Clinton for his first pardon while at the same time criticizing former President Trump for pardoning those who were unfairly targeted during the illegal Russia investigation.

An aide to Mrs. Clinton who wishes to remain anonymous said that when the former Secretary of State was informed of the pardon, “Mrs. Clinton laughed out loud and said that President Biden did what he knew was best for him.”

The pardon was apparently issued after President Biden had been informed by his Justice Department that the previous administration had secretly filed charges against Mrs. Clinton and would have indicted her had the former president won the election.

The pardon also appears to have been tailored to the specific charges outlined in the indictments. Specifically, the pardon covers the following crimes:

“Any homicide committed on federal lands or property involving the use of a blunt metal object, firearm, poison, a baseball bat or cordless hedge clippers.”

“Any crime committed overseas involving US embassies or consulates or their employees.”

“Any crime committed by the Clinton Foundation against Federal employees.”

“Any crime committed while wearing a pant suit.”

The last item, in particular, would exonerate Mrs. Clinton of all crimes since she is known to wear nothing but pantsuits.

It has only been a short period of time since President Biden took office, yet it is already abundantly clear that the power of the Clinton Crime Family has not been diminished. If anything, it appears to have increased.

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