Constitutional Experts: “If Impeachment Fails, You’ll Be Saying ‘President Trump’ Again”

The truth is right there in front of you

As the Senate prepares for Donald Trump’s second impeachment, constitutional experts are warning Democrats that if they fail, Donald Trump will be president again. This newest impeachment trial, by constitutional standards, must be perfect and must result in a conviction, or Donald Trump can take back the office of the President of the United States of America.

Senate Democrats are not heeding the warning, and are headed for a showdown of epic, constitutional proportions.

What’s happening right now was envisioned by our nation’s forefathers, knowing full well that at some point in our country’s future, liberals would go overboard and be overzealous with power, and try to destroy a president.

What they didn’t know was how low those liberals would go, and that President would be Donald Trump, our greatest and most powerful, most intelligent, and well-read leader this country has ever known. Trump can recite the constitution solely by memory, he loves America this much.

Written into the 17th amendment, the amendment liberals had attempted to strike down years before, are the words and actions that could Make America Great Again and bring Trump back into the White House. And because of presidential harassment in his first term, he could possibly have a third term, laid out in the 17th Amendment, Article 8, Subsection 3.

It’s all there in black and white. The constitution can not be argued against here, the law is the law.

Constitutional scholar Sandra Batt tried warning congressional democrats against trying to impeach Trump a second time, as it will lead to a constitutional crisis and a constitutional showdown that can have Biden and his administration removed and Trump in his place.

One of Trump’s arguments is that the election was invalid, and this is the set up for the showdown.  Democrats may inadvertently save America!!!

Imagine, Biden being stripped of his presidential powers and embarrassed right out of America!! You know that totally can’t happen. But those straws you’re clutching at, the unbelievable Q bullshit you believe, even thinking trump was a good president in the first place, this gives you hope.

Not common sense or the ability to read beyond a headline or comprehend anything you’ve read, but hope. Hope for dummies. God bless America, right?

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