Pelosi Demands $2000 Checks For Illegals

Nancy Pelosi has officially gone off her rocker. In a stunning move nobody saw coming, Pelosi has demanded that the US government issue $2K stimulus checks to illegals.

That’s right, folks, all an illegal would have to do is prove they don’t belong in this country, and they’ll walk away with a huge chunk of your tax dollars.

Experts say the cost could approach $7 trillion, as millions of “refugees” would come pouring through Biden’s open gates to collect their check, cast a vote for a Democrat, and head on down the road for the next free gift from the Democrats.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says the plan is difficult to put a price tag on because “illegals” aren’t really a thing anyone keeps track of for these kinds of purposes:

“This isn’t really how any of this works. Just handing cash to people who can prove they’re illegal by not being able to prove they’re legal is a slippery slope. Has anyone considered how many people might lose their wallets and try to do a Colombian accent?”

The CBO has a good point. Anyone who’s seen Blazing Saddles knows that stereotypes are easy to reproduce.

As for the plan, it faces strong opposition in the Senate, but the cheaters on the left have already started their stupid “budget reconciliation” process to get the money out as soon as possible.

Hopefully, the illegals will stick around and spend the money rather than sending it back to Guam or Puerto Rico to their families.

This is just the beginning, patriots. Communism isn’t far away now. I hope your bunkers are stocked with canned goods.

God bless you all. And God bless America.

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