Kamala Harris: ‘Black History Month Is Going to Be the Biggest Holiday of the Year’

Kamala Harris has been on a warpath changing American traditions. She wants Christmas canceled. She didn’t want to be sworn in on a Bible.

Now she has decided that Black History Month is going to be the largest holiday in the country. She has plans for massive parades. Days off work. Huge shopping campaigns with hundreds of thousands of dollars pouring into black-owned businesses.

“Look, Americans owe us big time. Look around you. Everything in this country was built using racism and slavery. Now, we are going to get ours. Oh yes, we will get ours.”

Art Tubolls, an expert on race relations and retributions at the University of Blackstone says:

“Kamala is actually right. We really do need to raise more awareness about black history. For too long history has been told through the eyes of the white man, omitting important parts of this nation’s patchwork. Now is the time to bring it all to light.”

All proceeds of the events of the month of February, private, public, and fictitious, will be donated to the Berkshire County School for Crippled Children.

The school has been tormented about having such a non-inclusive name for years, however, they spend on their funds on caring for… well… crippled children. So, they haven’t been able to rename, what with all the rebranding that would need to be done.

Kamala has decided the Black History Month festivities are her top priority this year and next. With a plan to have an even bigger bash next year, and the year after!

An anonymous spokesperson for the Berkshire County School for Crippled Children released a statement:

“Our school has not accepted any new children since 1973. We have three residents who are now in their 50s. Honestly, we aren’t really in need of any help. Once these three pass on, we are closing our doors for good.”

Perhaps another organization would better benefit from this? Heck, none of our residents are even black. We have one black employee.

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