Kamala To Be Honored With Parade For Black History Month

Black history month is coming again this February, recognition of black and African American culture and contribution that began as only a week back in 1926 and become an officially sanctioned month-long celebration in 1970.

This coming year’s festival has been sanctioned by America’s Black Freedom coalition to honor our first woman of color to hold the position of Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Mike Pence was the first VP to suffer from the complete a sense of all color whatsoever. He considers Milli Vanilli “hip hop music.”

To this end, Washington D.C. will be holding a celebratory grand parade in the VP’s honor, planned to last over the entire second weekend of February.

Notable celebrities slated to attend include the Reverend Al Sharpton, South Park skateboarding champion Token, and actor Gary Oldman, who portrayed the character, Sirius Black, in the Harry Potter series of films.

Head of Harvard’s Racist Trumper Studies department, Joe Barron, says that the former President’s following of uneducated and reality-troubled throwbacks will be upset since they don’t consider Harris: “black.”

“The morons who continue to tickle the balls of a fat and disgraced con man never know what they’re talking about.  Every ten minutes they suddenly become experts in governmental systems or the constitution from reading the first two sentences on some Facebook shitpage with ‘Patriot’ in it’s name.

So, it’s no surprise they’re confident of Mrs. Harris’ entire family tree’s makeup even though they’ve never met her and often trade the money put aside for baby formula for a bottle of Mad Dog 2020 and a few pinches of meth.  I’m sure you’ll see an uptick in southern white sales this February.  With Trump-flagged Ford F-150’s filled with shopping bags.”

“Is there any way we can get two orders of grits with a snifter of Evian please?”

Sponsors of the star-studded event include Netflix, who will be rebooting the popular reality program “Flava of Love” to coincide with the gala, the cast of “Star Trek Discovery”, the first of the Trek franchise to include more than two characters of color, and the nation of Wakanda, who has donated a tiara that shoots lasers.

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