Lincoln’s Descendants Send ‘Cease and Desist’ to GOP Over Use of “Party of Lincoln”

Abraham Lincoln was the most famous and popular Republican in history until Donald Trump came around.

He has always been relevant to the Republicans, who have called themselves the “Party of Lincoln”.

President Lincoln’s descendants always seemed to take great pride in the use of the family name in the political party’s slogan, however, that seems to have come to an end.

A courier dropped off a ‘cease and desist’ letter to GOP headquarters in Bald Knob, Arkansas that demanded the immediate cessation of the use of the phrase ‘Party of Lincoln’ when referencing the Republican Party.

Republican Party spokesperson Russell Danzig was flabbergasted by the letter.

“We are the Party of Lincoln.  He was a Republican.  They can’t take that away from us.  He belongs to the Republican Party, not his family.  We’ll sue!”

Jebediah Buffalo Springfield-Lincoln released a statement explaining the reason for the decision to send the ‘cease and desist’ letter to the Republican Party.

“The Republican Party used to stand for the people.  The Republican Party led the Union to victory in the Civil War.  The Interstate Highway system was started under Republican Leadership.  The Vietnam War ended under Republican Leadership.  They are now none of those things.  The Republican party had always been principled and conservative.

We allowed them to keep the slogan as Reagan ignored the AIDS epidemic and began the destruction of the middle class.  We allowed them to keep the slogan when they decided to impeach Bill Clinton for being too horny and having relations with the blue dress wearing lady.  We even allowed them to keep it when the Bush sequel lied about weapons of mass destruction and used words like ‘strategery‘.

But at least the Republican Party members had some kind of stately projection to America through all of those disgraceful times.

Donald Trump takes the cake.  He’s turned our one proud party into a money making machine for himself.  He has never once sought to do anything for average Americans.  He probably would spit on my great-grandfather’s grave if he knew where it was.  My great-grandfather fought to unify the United States of America while Trump has done everything in his power to destroy this country.

Republicans in all levels of government have done nothing to try to stop him because they are spineless and afraid, which is not principled, conservative, or leading in any way.  And for all of those reasons, the family decided to not allow the Republican Party to have our family name in their mouths ever again.”

It is truly sad how even the descendants of the second greatest President we’ve ever had have turned into total RINOs.

If the name means so much to them, they can have it.  Our Republican Party will now and forevermore be known as “The Party of Trump” and will be known as the party that forever changed America.


  1. This descendent is a horses’s ass and just trying to jump on the band wagon. Nobody really associates Lincoln with anything but a moron who split the union, not unified it! Wilkes did the country a favor!