Biden to Completely Defund Active Duty Military, Cut Reserve Forces

The truth is right in front of you

Thanks to quick work by President Donald Trump, the military received another year of record funding, which will keep America safe from the growing threats around the world.

Joe Biden, who ran on the sole platform of reversing everything that his predecessor accomplished, has vowed to completely defund the active-duty military and slash the reserve budget with his insane proposal to reduce the defense budget from 4.9 gabazillion dollars to sixty-four dollars and thirty-two cents.

This is the future that the liberals want.

Liberals desperately want a future in which there is no military and everyone eats cats.

Biden believes that wasteful spending is responsible for the immense Federal deficit and has vowed to slash all non-essential programs.

Biden said, “The military is a complete waste of money.  So is national defense.  When’s the last time that anyone invaded America?  Hawaii wasn’t a state in 1941 so that one doesn’t count.  I’ll tell you when.  Eighteen friggin twelve.  We could see the tall ships from my schoolhouse.  So it’s been almost 200 years.

It’s a total waste of money.  We don’t need anything for national defense.

We’re also working on cutting entitlements like Social Security and Medicare.  Plus we’re going to raise taxes across the board.  We’ll make sure we have enough money left over to take care of all undocumented immigrants and send the whole damn world to college for free.”

No sane person would ever go for this type of proposal, yet, due to the expansion of power of Executive Orders by President Trump, there may be no recourse for America.

Our best hope is that enough Democrats in government see Biden for what he is and grow a spine to stop him from implementing his radical liberal agenda.

We certainly know by now that Biden’s supporters will never join the rest of us in the real world.

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