Biden Busted on Hot Mic: ‘I Won’t be a President That Plays by the Rules’

Joe Biden has already told the people of this great nation, the United States of America, the land of the free, the home of the brave, and the place where dreams come true for people from all walks of life, that he won’t play by the rules when he’s president.

From the mouth of Joe Biden himself, patriots, comes the statement that says it all, and we know he meant it because he didn’t know anyone heard him say it.

According to the assistant manager of the restaurant Biden was eating at, Joe Barron, after he made the statement, the media went into a frenzy to delete it:

“Dangdest thing you ever saw. They all stopped rolling and rewound to cut it out. They took anyone who was watching’s cell phone and deleted their footage. Then they said he was “confused.”

Official records say that Barron was off that day and that he’s the only one who saw, heard, or reported anything of the sort, but that’s just what you’d expect them to say when hiding something this heinous from the American public.

It’s been a while since I whipped out the guinea pig.

Fortunately, we’ve received a transcript of Biden’s full statement from an anonymous source from the comment section of a Dan Bongingo piece about the climate change hoax:

“I won’t be a president that plays by the rules, if the rules mean there are no rules. Those are Donald Trump’s rules, and they’re pretty stupid. One man’s ego almost destroyed our democracy. I’ll play by the rules the constitution set forth, and my Justice Department can determine if anyone needs to pay for their crimes, not my Twitter feed.”

It sounds like that poor snowflake doesn’t like it when the big boys run stuff. I guess we’ll go back to hatin’ the gubmint now.

God bless America.

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