Colombia Revokes Jill Bidens Doctorate for ‘Improper Use’

Jill Biden won’t be able to use the title of “Doctor” anymore, according to the administration of Colombia.

Speaking under condition of anonymity, comptroller Sandy Batt said that Colombia has had far too much backlash from Mrs. Biden’s claims that she’s a “doctor,” and that the simplest solution was to revoke the doctorate she earned so she can’t pretend she can deliver babies or treat skin cancer:

“Colombia has a longstanding tradition of holding those who choose our higher education to a strict standard, and flaunting a degree you were given ceremonially as something that qualifies you on vaccines is a stretch we just can’t allow anyone to make.”

Biden was given the degree by Colombia in 2011 during a state visit with the Obama Administration. She was presented with a scroll and voila…she’s all of a sudden a doctor.

The doctorate, in the field of “education,” which is something you can’t even get a Ph.D. for, states that Jill Biden is welcome in Colombia at any time and comes with a lifetime supply of coffee beans.

The Biden transition team gave a brief statement on the revocation:

“Jill Biden is saddened to learn that Colombia has revoked her honorary doctorate and hopes she hasn’t broight undue shame upon the country. She was, however, excited to learn she had received the honor in the first place, since that crap all gets stuffed into a bad and sent off to the National Archives to be catalogued as gifts to the state.

“As for her Ed.D, Dr. Biden is happy to provide transcripts of her college records from the Universities of Delaware, West Chester, and Villanova as well as a copy of her dissertation to any Trump supporter who claims an IQ high enough to actually read it.”

There you have it, patriots. Jill Biden. A total fake. If you forget all that other stuff. Still, this administration seems hell-bent on starting out with scandals.

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