Biden Supporters Scream In Virtual Rally ‘Lock Him Up’

The truth is right there in front of you

Joe Biden supporters attended a virtual rally put on by the Presidential Candidate and shouted “Lock Him Up” at the mention of our president, Donald John Trump.

The mere mention of our greatest president sent these liberals into a frenzy, demanding that if Biden really does take the White House, that he must arrest Trump. It was one of the more disgusting things these Biden supporting liberals have done.

Biden, who refuses to leave his basement, has been holding virtual rallies over zoom and other networks because nobody will show up for an actual event and Biden doesn’t want to be near “the poors,” as he calls them. Biden got rich off of Burisma and other Hunter Biden crimes.

Biden secretly despises his supporters, calling them “dirty, disease carriers with germs” and “poorly educated.” If they only knew!

The screams of “Lock him up!” drowned out Biden several times, who smirked and smiled as if putting our president in prison was the best thing he’s ever heard. How dare these ingrates even think about our president in any way other than our dear leader for another four years!

So what if he’s embarrassed himself and enriched himself at the expense of taxpayers? Who cares that 340,000 have died from his incompetence?

He Made America Great Again!

Would there be any reason to lock Trump up? Besides colluding with Russia, demanding other countries do his political bidding, using the military and our nation to make money, other than that, is he really guilty of anything? Of course he is. But no matter what the faithful will continue to worship at the Orange alter.

Because without MAGA, what else do they really have?

Viewers couldn’t believe what they were seeing. It was unbelievable, seeing Americans scream to lock up their political foe. Joe Barron, an independent said “ it was crazy! Almost like 2016, all over again, but with an actual couple of hundred reasons to lock him up!”  It looks like America has come full circle.

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