14 States Revealed to Have Tried to Remove Trump From Presidential Ballot


Recently, it was discovered that 14 states tried to remove Donald Trump from their ballots for the upcoming election.

The 14 states claimed that they don’t know Trump would even be alive by the time that the election rolls around.  They wanted no appearance of impropriety whatsoever where the election was concerned.

Eight of those traitory states are considered to be battlegrounds.

Digging even deeper, we have uncovered that each of these states has a Democrat as Secretary of State.  Color us a deep blue state of shocked.

Even Jamie from Progressive thinks that anyone who believes this article is dumb. That’s pretty damn dumb.

Off the record, Joe Barron obtained a statement from one of these Secretaries, who chose to remain anonymous.

“We were gonna follow the Georgia precedent when Brian Kemp had his finger on the scale in his election against Stacey Abrams for governor.  The Republicans always claim to be for election integrity and come up with the dumbest and most far-fetched conspiracies about how Democrats have dead people and non-citizens vote in these elections.  Everyone has seen how dirty they fight.

So we decided that we would finally try to beat them at their own game.  We’d be the ones playing 4-D chess for a change dammit.  Everyone knows that President Trump is the most unhealthy and obese President we’ve had in a long time and we didn’t like his odds against COVID-19.  So we’re just doing what the Republicans would do, given the chance.  We didn’t want to give any appearance that we would support the election of a dead loser.

We decided to try to remove that rat from each of our states’ ballots.  If that would have helped Joe Biden get elected then so be it.  We were only looking to have a fair election and you can’t have a fair election if one of the candidates is dead.

The important thing is that Donald Trump got his ass handed to him bigly.  And what the hell is 4-D chess anyway?”

This is the most brazen attempted actions toward voter suppression we have ever seen.

This isn’t some innocent case of purging thousands of voters from the rolls because of their race or gender that we have seen in the past.  This was trying to keep the greatest Leader we’ve ever had away from leadering the United States of America!

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