Biden Offers Full Immunity To Any Employee, Appointee, or Elected Official Willing To Testify Against Trump

Joe Biden may have said that he’s not going to “waste his time” prosecuting Trump, but that’s not what we’re hearing.

According to a source close to the Biden transition team who may or may not have actual knowledge of the current situation, Biden is already stacking the deck against Trump:

“Joe Biden has put out the word that he’ll have his new AG, Susan Rice, grant immunity to anyone involved with the Trump administration willing to testify against him.

“If they don’t quailfy for immunity, he’ll grant them a full pardon.”

Biden is also offering positions in his administration, appointments to federal courts, and coupons for the jelly of the Month Club to anyone willing to help.

AG William Barr says the whole thing is corrupt and that he’ll spend his remaining time in office prosecuting anyone who snitches on Trump:

“Snitches get stitches and six foot ditches. That’s the way it’s always been in the West Wing for the last four years, and that’s how it should remain.

“Biden has no right to do what he’s doing. He hasn’t even been declared the winner by Putin yet.”

Putin’s approval would go a long way toward satisfying Trump. Little else has been able to tame him on these types of issues.

When Putin is happy, Trump is happy. That’s how he managed to become the most effective world leader in history. You make sure the people who think you’re their puppet are satisfied, then you exploit their power and influence to get elected.

It doesn’t really matter what Biden tries to do, honestly. Trump is still in office and he’ll just pardon himself for anything Sleepy Joe ends up being able to prove.

Sorry, Joe. You’ll have to wait and get in line if you want a shot at putting Trump in jail. 3 states are already chomping at the bit, and federal time tends to come last.

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