Lakers Refuse to Visit Trump White House

The Los Angeles Lakers have won their NBA leading 17th championship.

Though they are champions on the court, they were anything but when it came to dealing with our perfect President.  Following the lead of the 2019 champion Toronto Raptors, they are refusing to visit President Trump at the White House.

As reported on this network, the Lakers were extremely rude and disrespectful toward Donald Trump, even going as far as farting into the phone and blowing an air horn before hanging up on him.

Today, they released a statement that says that they will not visit the White House for the customary champions visit unless Joe Biden is President. To make it even worse, they also want Barack Obama to be there.

Recent champions have been intimidated by being in the presence of the best and most accomplished President we’re ever had but this is the first time that any team has openly called for a lesser person to be in office instead of Donald Trump.

Joe Barron released a statement on behalf of the Lakers.

“The Los Angeles Lakers are proud of winning the 2020 NBA Championship.  We feel that we shouldn’t sully our victory by visiting with the worst and most divisive, unhinged, and unintelligent President in the history of our country.  We know what winning is. After all, we have 17 championships.  Donald Trump is the loser’s idea of a winner.  The stupid person’s idea of a smart man.  A weak person’s idea of a strong man.

If Joe Biden is the President, it would be our collective honor to visit him.  We hope that he can get the band back together and invite the Obamas.  We all really miss having a decent, smart, and competent man as President.”

The Lakers and all of the other liberals need to get used to the idea of Donald Trump as their President, as he is the ultimate example of winning and will be for the next several years.


  1. I wouldn’t want that pack of ungrateful douche bags there anyway. No telling what they’d steal.

  2. A lot of Americans voted for our President, and a lot of Americans were fans of yours, since your franchise depends on the American people to pay you millions to rebuke our President, I think ya’ll just FKD your franchise, I would NEVER purchase anything that pays ignorant overbearing better than the American people a dime…….That means ALL who sponsors you. I think your mouth may have just overloaded your ass.