Matches and Lighters Banned In CA As Part Of Wildfire Prevention Plan


The state of California has never been able to get their forest fire problem under control. They blame it on mother nature. They blame it on the always convenient excuse of climate change. They point the finger at everyone and everything, but never at themselves.

President Trump, in his infinite wisdom, even gave them instructions on what they needed to do to manage their forests. He instructed them to do what everybody knows should be done. Everybody that is, except for Californians. Raking the forest is the most common-sense solution and the Golden State government refuses to implement it.

Instead, Governor Gavin Newsom, nephew of Nancy Pelosi, is planning to make some other changes that would only happen in California.

Beginning at the start of next month, the sale and possession of “flame production devices”, meaning lighters and matches, will be illegal throughout the state. Yes, this is as ridiculous a move as any of sound mind can see. But again, this is California. Sanity does not prevail there.

Newsom sent out this press release to justify this decision:

“When one is looking for a solution, one should try to keep it simple. Obvious answers are lost as one complicates matters by thinking about them too hard.

It is for this reason, that the perfect solution in our never-ending battle against destructive wildfires, is so simple. If one cannot create fire, then that fire cannot spread up and down the West Coast, destroying everything in this path.

Implements used to create a flame will no longer be tolerated in our beautiful state. Both matches and lighters are to be banned. Anybody caught in possession of these items will be subject to a five-year sentence. Traffickers of these will be in for a 20 year sentence.

These measures are necessary to prevent future disasters. It’s not something that we want to do. It’s something that we have to do.

I’m quite confident that would-be arsonists will think twice in the future about lighting our beautiful trees on fire when they have to rub two sticks together in order to do so.“

This is typical Democrat governance. They ban things. Going after criminals does not even occur to them.

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