Omar Passes Bill To Have Minnesota Ballots Printed In Arabic & English

The truth is right in front of you

Ever since Ilhan Omar entered government as a Democrat Representative, she has had an agenda to radically change the American way of life.

This is been most notably seen in her push to have Arabic numerals taught in our schools, but that is not the only example. Omar has been stating opinions left and right and advocating for those in her community.

This is not the role of government.

Her latest move toward unwanted change has come up as a result of the approaching presidential election. Individual states are responsible for printing ballots for the election and can design them any way they choose.

Omar, as a representative of Minnesota, has chosen to make the ballots of her state bilingual.

And the second language that she has chosen is Arabic.

The announcement was made yesterday by Omar staffer, Joe Barron.

“What we need to do in America is to make voting easier for people. Not everybody knows English and it’s unAmerican to force them to learn it. If one is able to get a driver’s license without knowledge of the English language, what should they not be able to vote with similar ease? This is a no brainer.

For this reason, the time has come to add additional languages to political ballots. Each state would be free to add whichever tongue they wish, but I would strongly suggest that they do as we have done. Choose Arabic. Arabic is the language of the future.

For now we are simply adding this Middle Eastern tongue to ballots for the coming election but soon we hope to make all our documents and correspondence from the State of Minnesota bilingual with the inclusion of Arabic.

This move will allow our citizens to vote with confidence for their new prophet, Joe Biden.“

This is outrageous. The United States of America has but one official language that is English.

Other forms of gibberish do not belong on anything so important as a ballot.

If they can’t read what’s in front of them, they should simply close their eyes and point to make a selection.

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