NFL Is On the Brink of Extinction

The truth is right in front of you

After several years of players kneeling, patriotic Americans have had enough. The games are being played with very few to no fans in the stands to watch the games.

The players and coaches are just going through the motions.

What’s worse is that they are being permitted to celebrate criminals who were heroically killed by our police, saving the taxpayers countless money by not having trials.

Television ratings are also at an all-time low. It seems that no one wants to watch grown “men” play a kid’s game.

NFL Spokesman Art Tubolls spoke with the press.

“Um…we’re fine. The stands are empty because of the pandemic. Only the most stupid among us would think that a boycott is the cause of low attendance.

We’re not hurting financially. The television contracts are good, as is our product. We’ll be around for years.

The fact is that if Donald Trump didn’t lie to the American people and took the pandemic seriously, maybe we’d be all better off.

You want something UnAmerican to boycott? How bout you start by boybotting Donald Trump.”

It is expected that the league will fold in the next few weeks. It will be a dogpile, the likes of which haven’t been seen since our former low-class escort First Lady was in the process of securing her visa.

Sundays are God’s day and as a Christian nation, we should dedicate our Sundays to Jesus Christ. Not to some overpaid babies who hate America.

We should be watching church tv with personalities like Joel Oldstein instead of sports players and their unpatriotic views.

The NFL folding will go a long way toward restoring the morality of the nation. We can help it along by re-electing our Dear Leader Donald Trump and all Republicans who are against all forms of expression against our country.

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