CMA Says, ‘Country Music Is For Patriots Who Support Our President’

Americana at its finest!

Country music superstars are fed up. And they’re tired of being politically correct. The Country Music Association, in unison with hundreds of country artists, are putting out a statement.

If you don’t like Trump, then you don’t like country. Simple as that.

The association and the artists are tired of people running down the greatest president we’ve ever had, and now they’re doing something about it.

Country artists who speak out against Trump are being removed from the association. They believe they are one of the most patriotic groups of Americans, dedicating their lives to everything Americana.

Country music is specifically for patriots. Its entire creation was based on the entertainment of Americans, for Americans, and by Americans. And Americans who love America. That’s how American country music is.

Recently, however, a few country artists have decided to put their liberal politics ahead of their careers. And that is verboten in the country music community.

Those “artists” are being dealt with. They will be banished from the association, and country music stations discouraged from playing their music. The association is flexing its muscle against anything that can be considered “anti-Trump” which is “anti-American”.

President of the CMA, Joseph Barron, is beside himself in anger when it comes to these “artists” who dare speak ill of our president. “They need to fall into line,” Barron said.

Even though Trump hates country music and it’s fans, it doesn’t matter. “The illusion must be there, or these backward hillbillies will pretend to boycott us”. He continued saying he doesn’t like Trump either, but stupid people need a hero too.

It doesn’t matter that the majority of these people don’t have any money, most in long term relationships with close family members, and are addicted to generic forms of pain medication. It also doesn’t matter that Trump is a literal cancer spot on America’s ass. 

Just as long as low intelligence rednecks think he’s the second coming of Christ, that’s all that really matters.  The need to make money off the least intelligent is much more important than any principles people pretend to have.

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