Trump Caught on Hot Mic Calling Nancy Pelosi a ‘Stupid B*tch’

He always speaks the truth!

Everyone loves our dear leader, President Donald Trump, because he speaks the truth and tells it like it is. So when he was recorded calling Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi a “stupid b*tch” on a microphone he thought was turned off, his legions of brilliant supporters were thrilled.

Waiting for a press conference to start, Trump dragged his fat carcass over to a microphone that he thought wouldn’t be turned on until the questions started. He just loves posing in front of microphones — he thinks they make him look “presidential.”

Accompanying him to the lectern was Stephen Miller, grandson of Joseph Goebbels and possibly the most racist turd in the administration. They made small talk, which for Trump consists of insulting women, especially powerful women who are much smarter than he will ever be.

On the recording, which has been released to Fox News since it’ll make his supporters all tingly in their hateful parts, Trump said,

“That Nancy Pelosi is too old to be bleeding out of her wherever, but man, she’s such a stupid b*tch. Ugly, too. Does that cover it? Oh, wait. She’s a socialist and a communist and she should move to Venezuela.”

Stephen Miller was visibly aroused by this hateful language about the most powerful woman in the United States government, which for Stephen Miller means sticking his arm out in a Heil Hitler salute and praising his overlord for having such powerful convictions.

We asked Speaker Pelosi’s office for a comment in response to being called a “stupid b*tch” by impeached President Trump.

Sandy Batt, her longtime spokeswoman, laughed so hard she peed a little when she heard the recording.

“It’s so adorable that he thinks his hateful words matter. He’s a mentally ill racist turd whose days are numbered in the White House. He’s acting out like a scared little boy. I pity him.”

Pity is all he deserves.


  1. Not only is Pelosi a stupid bitch, she’s also a piece of shit. The only reason Pelosi holds power in the Democrat Party is because she’s been in politics so long – too damn long, really – that’s she’s amassed quite a powerful collection of rich folks that she can turn to to fund Democratic candidates’ campaigns. And since money is what wins elections, especially federal elections, no Democrat dare get in Pelosi’s bad graces for fear the big bucks she can reel in by making a few phone calls will dry up.

  2. Ur the scum of the sewers being run by the rats that calls them selves demorats ur all unamerican n can all go fuck ur selves in ur momma’s basements Trump’s president til 2024 go live in China cause China ain’t being brought over here in our homeland

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