Tlaib: ‘Anyone Who Calls AOC A F*****g B***h Gets His M*****f***ing A** Impeached’

The truth is right in front of you

The Democrats, as we all know, are hypocrites of the highest order. They are always whining and complaining about being attacked or spoken to meanly by their political rivals, yet engage in exactly the same behavior themselves – – worse even.

To any Democrats out there who don’t believe this to be true, I offer up the following.

Recently, Republican Congressman Something Yoho expressed his frustration at the idiotic waste of time ideas presented by Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

He did so in a “colorful“ way. Yes, he swore at her and called her a bad name.

Afterward, as you can imagine, Democrats were up in arms. They ranted and raved and demanded that Yoho be censured for his words.

They acted like Cortez had never been called that name before, which we know couldn’t possibly be true. They would not let it go.

Then, the infamous Rashida Talib put in her two cents. The House Representative from Michigan was virtually frothing at the mouth, so intense was her anger.

Most of her speech was nonsensical through her rage, but a few words rang through.

“Who does this man think he is? This is the US Government, this is Congress. As Congressional representatives, we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. We must show decorum. This point seems to be missed on Yoho.

And what kind of name is Yoho? It sounds made up, like he always wanted to be a pirate or something. You know, “Yoho yoho and a bottle of rum“? How did you get into Congress using such an obviously fake name? That needs to be investigated and we will be the ones to do the investigating.

This man verbally abused one of his colleagues in Congress who he doesn’t know at all. She is kind of a b***h but that’s irrelevant. Yoho wouldn’t know that since he’s never spoken to her and so, for the words to come from his mouth means he was just making sh*t up to be insulting.

More importantly though, he’s a man. He’s a man and he used his position to abuse a woman. He can’t do that. And so we have reached a decision in the party. Anyone who calls AOC, or any of us, a f*****g b***h gets his m*****f***ing a** impeached. Count on it.”

You see?

The Democrats’ behavior and words are always infinitely worse. It’s like they play a game of one-upmanship.

It’s ridiculous and childish, just like the Democratic party.

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