Campbell’s Soup Supports And Supplies BLM

The Truth Is Right There In Front Of You

Campbell’s Soup Company is a proud supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. They’ve been supplying protesters and rioters with cans and bags of soup to take to the protests in American cities.

Investigators have found that Campbell’s has spent nearly $5 million dollars supporting the BLM movement with the soup products.

President Trump earlier remarked on how rioters were bringing soup with them, and Bill Barr and the DOJ wanted to find out how and why they were carrying soup, of all things to take to a protest. It just didn’t make sense. 

So the department of justice did a deep dive, and it led right to Campbell’s Soup Company. To say they were shocked is putting it lightly.

Why were the protesters carrying cans and bags of soup? Where is this relevant to Black Lives Matter?

Campbell’s spokesman Joseph Barron laid it all out. There was no mystery, and Campbell’s was proudly supplying the offended soups in question. 

How could they? They’re supposed to be an all American company!!

Barron said on the record:

“Black Lives Matter movements all across America aren’t just protesting for equality, they’re also helping their cities.” He went on, “Because of Trump’s horrific policies, there’s a lot of hungry people. And the BLM gives out our products to needy people all over the cities, and it’s a huge win for everyone involved!”  

BLM takes the soup and distributes them to homeless shelters and families. Cans. Bags, even sauces for pasta. So many different products to give out to the people.

Campbell’s and BLM have been in a partnership for a few years, helping each other out. They’re like militant Santa Clauses, doing the Lord’s work.  

Feeding the hungry and homeless while advancing equality. That’s what the big deal is, and what trump is afraid of. We can only wonder why. 

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