True Patriots Tell Pro Sports to Take a Hike Until They Respect America

The truth is right there in front of you

Conservatives all over America are boycotting all sports, until they, the players learn to respect our country and our president. Patriotic Americans who love our president are sick and tired of seeing what they consider disrespect towards our flag and President Trump.

They’re just done, and they’re not taking it anymore.

Get in the handbasket and don’t you dare pass go!

They’ve had it with NASCAR, Baseball, Football, Hockey, and Basketball players kneeling and speaking out against Trump. How dare they do this???

How dare they even say a word after all our wonderful glorious leader has done for this country? Conservatives have had enough and have started an anti-sports network of like-minded citizens called Citizen United Not Timid.

The group will be handing out flyers, doing silent protests and boycotting sporting events, and asking that like-minded conservative patriotic Americans do the same.

They’re not going to take the abuse that they see leveled on our amazing president.  Enough is enough!!!!  They will hit the players where it hurts! Their wallets!

This won’t only impact the players, but the beer companies, and the generic snack companies as well as ignorant, out of shape Trump supporters usually sit around all day, eating substandard snack foods and washing it down with beer, yelling at their televisions while their wives cavort with other men.

The conservatives know they’re going to hurt a lot of people, but it’s for the best. It’s time to take a stand, and these are people who have barely left the couch in 30 years.

Even proud football fans, Sandy Batt and her eternal partner Joe Barron have decided it’s enough. They’re joining Citizens United Not Timid.

They’re finished with sports. Or at least they say they are, Ms. Batt in her Boise State garb and Barron flexing his Philadelphia Eagles gear.

They’re done! At least until the football season starts, anyway.

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