Pelosi Refuses Hurricane Disaster Relief, ‘Increase Welfare or No Deal!’

The truth is right in front of you

Democrats don’t care about the American people. It’s very obvious when you look at what they have done. They’ve cut medicare, social security, and deported veterans.

Now, they are taking their depravity to a new low by holding disaster funding hostage until their latest demands are met.

At a press conference, Pelosi issued the following statement:

“We want to help the people who are affected by this terrible storm. But it is equally important to look after those on welfare who need a cost of living increase so they can afford to live in luxury.

Welfare recipients don’t make enough money to buy lobster and steak and that needs to change immediately. How can these people live without these essentials? I need to look after my constituents. After all, I need to keep them happy in order to win re-election. That’s why we are taking action in this matter.

We will only pass a bill to help hurricane victims if Republicans agree to increase welfare benefits. I believe that this is a fair trade for all parties involved in the deal.”

This is completely appalling. Not only did Pelosi not say this, but she even had the gall to admit she was only doing this to help her in the polls, which is collusion. Not to mention, she is willing to allow hurricane victims to suffer needlessly until she gets what she demands.

Pelosi needs to be impeached for her crimes immediately. Her drunkenness and collusion are a threat to democracy itself. Someone with that sort of temperament doesn’t belong in public office. That’s why we elected Donald Trump as he is a man of the utmost maturity and temperament.

She needs to go. She’s a danger to us all.


  1. This woman is one evil, hateful bitch, absolutely doesn`tgive a shit about anything but money and power.

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