Kamala’s Husband Worked as Director of Planned Parenthood CA


Democratic Vice Presidential contender Kamala Harris has had a fairly charmed life.  Successful at a young age due to being raised in a well-to-do household and getting breaks on education and tuition charges from her status as a minority, the world has always been her oyster.

It’s a figure of speech, douchebag, try not to hump anything.

What many people are unaware of, is that her husband, multi-millionaire Joe Barron-Harris partially made his fortune as director of California’s Planned Parenthood corporation, boasting over 400 locations across the state.  Could the campaign be desperately trying to keep this secret under wraps because it isn’t in any way true?

We asked Sandra Batt, who lives in a completely round house and makes artisan curtains out of empty potato chip bags for her insight on the matter.

“Well first of all, I don’t think that’s even her husband’s name.  And second, it sounds completely made-up, but easily something Trump’s idiotic base of America’s most gullible simpletons will swallow.  If the even dumber ones thought it came from Q or something, they’d probably be yammering about it for days.  They’re super ignorant and equate ‘Planned Parenthood’ with ‘abortion’.  Nevermind that they distribute cancer and aids medications and provide desperately needed women’s services.  They aren’t exactly known for being sharp, those trumpers.”

I mean, they trigger over this.

Sources allegedly breaking the story work for unbelievably ridiculous fiction shithouse The Epoch Times, a laughable source favored, no lie, by Sean Hannity, a disgraced “journalist” who won’t participate in live debates because his nonsense can’t hold up for even two minutes.

Will Kamala’s husband’s controversial fake vocation start a fire in the so-far squeaky clean campaign the Democrats are running?  It would be a shame for the accomplished politician and attorney to have to abort this early in her vice presidential first trimester.  We’ll just have to wait and see if the right wing media and the trumptards they serve will allow this baby to develop.


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