DNC Owes Police Department $72 Million For Convention Security

The truth is right there in front of you

The Democratic National Committee has stiffed the local police department in charge of security for the event over $72 million dollars. The MPD charged the DNC with a flat fee plus any extras that came as a result of the four-day convention.

The total came to $72,094,643 for their services to keep the attendees safe and to address the security concerns outside of the convention, which there were numerous issues.

Police were dealing with ANTIFA, Anons of every letter of the alphabet, protesters of all shapes and sizes, street thugs, and criminals. Criminals inside and outside of the convention. 

I guess you can say that democrats attract these types. The police were dealing with a lot and deserved to be paid for their services.

There were plenty of drugs to go around too. The DNC was chock full of them. Varieties of marijuana, hip pain meds, Metamucil, you name it.

Quite a bit of over the counter type stuff as well seeing as the DNC has a lot of older folks. The police department had to stay on their toes with all of this.

Nancy Pelosi was a frequent charge of the police, as she was pretty drunk for the four-day event. Even picked up a wet and reckless charge.

There were empty bottles of vodka and prune juice everywhere that the police had to step over to keep everyone safe and keep control. It was simply at madhouse at the Democratic National Convention and the police had to work overtime.

Chief Joseph Barron said in a statement that he was disappointed in the DNC, for their actions and the fact that they have not paid the police for their time and efforts.

“This is exactly what Donald Trump and the Republicans would do, we thought they were better than this.”

Turns out Chief Barron was right, they were paid by the DNC, it was held up in the mail by the post office after the mail sorting machines were removed.

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