The DNC Cut a Full 4 Minutes Of Michelle Obama’s Hate-Filled Speech

She's always SO angry!

While brain-dead liberals fawn all over Michelle Obama’s speech to the boring Democratic National Convention, the rest of the world is mocking her. Why? Because the libtards running the show cut FOUR MINUTES from her speech.

The part that aired was harsh enough, with her withering condemnation of our dear leader, impeached President Donald J. Trump. But the DNC cut four full minutes that were even more hateful.

Sandy Batt, an extraordinarily skilled private investigator, hacked into the DNC computer servers and found the edited version of the script. In the four minutes that were cut, Michelle Obama talked about how ugly Ivanka Trump is, how tiny Trump’s little mushroom is, how stupid Eric and Don Jr. is, and how illiterate Melania is — in five languages.

In one particularly scathing passage that ended up on the cutting room floor, Mrs. Obama said,

“Can you believe that fat ass tub of goo actually fathered five kids with three different women, only one of whom is a native-born American? What woman in her right mind would actually be with that man? He had to import a couple of mail order brides after the porn stars stopped taking his money for sex. Ew!”

This is her version of going high? I mean, she’s not wrong. He *is* really gross. It’s no wonder, though, that the DNC cut that portion of the speech. It’s a little harsh. True, but harsh.

Every member of Trump’s victimized family cried like the whiny little bitches they are when our reporter read the portions of the script that were cut from the video to them.

Ivanka exclaimed, “How can she say such horrible things about me! Daddy paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to my plastic surgeon, making me look just right — for him!”

If this is her version of going high, count us in.

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