Trump Merchandise Sales At All-Time High

The truth is right in front of you

Thousands of stores selling merchandise to support Donald Trump are showing up all across the United States and Russia.  One would expect that these stores are run by patriots who want to see Trump re-elected as President of the United States, but this is simply not true.

These stores, which have been popping up in abandoned storefronts along streets everywhere are actually being run by liberals who have seen an opportunity to take advantage of gullible rubes that actually believe that Trump is doing a good job.

Sandy Batt, who runs the Trump Train Station store in Wikieup, AZ, explained her rationale behind opening the store.

“I’m right at the halfway point between Phoenix and Las Vegas.  The only people going to Las Vegas right now are Trump supporters and people who are so determined to go on vacation that they have convinced themselves that there’s no way that they’ll end up sick from the virus. Anyway, there’s only one road to get from Phoenix to Vegas so I just decided to put the store here.

They all stop by. I get this mass produced crap from China for pennies per piece. All I have to do is put up a bazillion Trump flags, make up some stupid story about how Trump himself came here when he was last in Arizona, and tell them everything is on sale.

They’re buying all of this garbage like it’s going out of style.  Which it is because there’s no way that this country will be so stupid as to elect Trump again.

I’ll tell you one thing though. I’ve never seen that ‘card declined’ notice so many times.”

The stores in Russia are funding their country’s social media groups that are feeding into these same gullible conservatives to try to ensure that Putin still has his weak and stupid puppet in office, who will continue to run the once-powerful United States into the ground.

But go ahead, keep owning those liberals.  It will be worth it even though you’ll finish off the destruction of what’s left of the United States of America.

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