Gavin Newsom to Appoint Adam Schiff to Kamala Harris’ Senate Seat

"Shifty Schiff" will be California's next Senator

Now that Kamala Harris, US Senator from California, has been named as Joe Biden’s running mate, speculation has turned to the next pressing political question: when she and Joe are elected, who will replace her in the Senate?

Word on the street is that Gavin Newsom, the blackout hot governor of California, will appoint none other than “Shifty Shiff” — Adam Schiff, who is currently a corrupt Democratic congressman from West Hollywood.

Adam Schiff is a frequent target of the hater-tater brigade, which loathes him for being complicit in the impeachment saga of our dear leader, impeached President Donald Trump. Schiff is a skilled orator, a shrewd attorney, and an admired Congressional Representative who has served his constituents well for 20 years.

He also served as the main impeachment manager in the House, which put him on the radar of ill-informed knuckle-draggers who guzzle their entire daily Cult 45 Kool-Aid ration before their first cigarette and ball-scratch of the day.

Governor Newsom said of his plan to appoint Schiff to Harris’s Senate seat, “This appointment will not only raise Adam Schiff’s national profile and put him on track to run for president someday. It will also keep him out of the House, where he’s competing with my dear aunt Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker of the House. Family comes first.”

See how it’s all coming together? Nancy Pelosi appointed Schiff to lead the impeachment against Trump and make Schiff a household name. She pressed Biden to select Harris as his VP, to create a vacant Senate seat, which her nephew Gavin Newsom will fill.

She’ll get rid of Schiff in the House so he won’t compete with her to be Speaker of the House, then she’ll have her lover Hillary Clinton get rid of Biden somehow. Harris isn’t allowed to be President because racist turds know a black woman could NEVER be president, so Pelosi would then become president.

It all makes sense, doesn’t it?*

*If that makes sense, please seek medical attention. Immediately.

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