Hillary Caught on Hot Mic: ‘Ivanka’s Not Doing Her Job’

The truth is right in front of you

Hillary Clinton has been struggling to stay relevant ever since she was sent home in 2016 with her tail tucked between her legs. She rarely tweets and no one really takes the time to talk to her anymore. What is even worse, the former darling of the liberals has reportedly suffered a mental breakdown because of the pandemic.

A socially distanced Joe Barron was set to interview her about her mental state. During a commercial break before the show open, Mrs. Clinton said, “Ivanka’s not doing her job. Look at Trump’s makeup. He looks like a stupid orange clown. You’d think that she’d be good at the one thing that they hired her to do. If she made me look like that, well, you know.”

What neither of them knew was that the cameras were rolling and the whole viewing audience saw and heard everything. The criticism of the best First Daughter we’ve ever had. The bullying of our Dear Leader. The implication that Ivanka could only be good at one thing. And, of course, the veiled threat to her life.

The interview itself didn’t paint the former failed presidential candidate in any better light.

“Joe, this pandemic is horrible. People are following the advice of the CDC for the most part and wearing masks and only going out when it is absolutely necessary. As you well know, I have personally ordered the successful assassination of several hundred individuals that have crossed me.

Now all of those soft targets are staying home. My snipers can’t get a clear shot. There’s nothing we can do. I have to give credit to Donald Trump for at least trying to downplay the mortality rate of the virus by encouraging people to disregard the CDC guidelines.

If my targets listen to him and go out, I’ll get them to pay for what they’ve done!”

As Americans, we dodged a big bullet (pun intended) when we sent Hillary Clinton home with an overwhelming defeat in 2016. We can make her cry once again in November when we can once again raise up our Great President Donald Trump.

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