LeBron Files Complaint with NBA, Claims ‘Not Enough Players Of Color’ In League

The truth is right in front of you

America now knows that most professional players of sports in America are anti-American traitors and losers. We also knew that most of them are not the most intelligent of people. Now we know exactly how low their IQs really are.

LeBron James, soon to be of the Miami Heat, is revealing himself to have one of the lowest IQ of all basketball players, almost as low as our President. He is filing suit against the National Basketball Association over a perceived lack of minority players in the league.

In the complaint, James tells the league commissioner that the league needs to do a better job of minority hiring and further claims that it is this lack visible minority players in the organization is “obvious discrimination that has created a toxic work environment.”

The full complaint follows:

“Decades of systemic racism in the National Basketball Association has brought us to the point we are at now. The black man, despite having all of the talent, is enormously under-represented in the league.

NBA managers hesitate to hire people of color. This is obvious when you look at the low percentage of the non-white population in the league. The racism of the NBA is quite obvious.

There needs to be a change. Not only did this not happen, but it’s also fictitious. The NBA needs to launch an affirmative action hiring program In order to bolster minority numbers. Action needs to be taken immediately.

If the league fails to take action on this matter, the players union is prepared to strike. By next season, we expect that there would be a 50 percent increase in the number of minorities seen in play. If this means getting rid of some of the untalented supremacist players, then so be it.

Black lives matter on the court as well.”

This is perhaps the most ridiculous thing ever uttered by LeBron James. He is either blind or he is an idiot. But I’m sure he is not as big of an idiot as people dumb enough to believe this story.

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