Trump’s Popularity Rating Leads Him to Cancel All Presidential Debates

The truth is right in front of you

It’s well known in the land of political punditry that presidential debates usually help the underdog. They can provide a break-out moment for the candidate who’s behind in the polls to change the tone of the race, come from behind, and go on to win the election in November.

This is the perfect reason for our dear leader, President Donald Trump, to declare that he’s not going to show up for any presidential debates this year, leaving President-Elect-to-be Joe Biden with no opportunity to shake up the race.

But come on. Trump is behind nationwide by double digits, so you didn’t really believe this, did you? He’s so desperate to debate Biden that he even demanded *more* debates beyond the original three that the campaigns agreed to earlier this year. Biden scoffed heartily in his general direction and waved him away like the annoying little mentally ill wannabe dictator that he is.

This is not the move of someone on a glide path to a win. This is the move of someone who’s behind in the polls — way behind — with no path to 270 electoral votes. This is the move of a loser who’s going to lose, bigly, in a humiliating, crushing defeat.

Won’t it be grand?

In a normal year with a normal human being running for reelection to the Presidency, the debates should go on as usual. This is not a normal year. Covid-19 is destroying our country and Trump is desperately behind in the polls. In a debate with Biden, Trump would lie, lie again, lie some more, and then lie about lying.

The debates should not go on. Biden should refuse to debate Trump, showing that his commanding lead makes it unnecessary for him to show up and try to bob and weave around Trump’s lies. Because, come on, Trump is psychologically incapable of telling the truth.

Let’s skip the debates, have a cocktail, and talk about life post-Trump, shall we?

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