Nancy Pelosi to Make Masks Mandatory Nationwide, Fine for Non-Compliance

No mask? $5,000 fine!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is on a power trip. She has introduced a bill to the House of Representatives that will make face masks mandatory nationwide, anywhere outside a personal residence or personal vehicle.

Her reason is simple. “It’s a simple step we can all take to help stop COVID-19 in its tracks,” she said on the Capitol steps earlier today.

The fine for non-compliance? FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. And that’s just the first offense! After that, the fine goes up to $7,500 for the second offense, then $10,000 for the third. After that, offenders will go to jail for life, because by then they will have killed someone with their stupidity and germs.

Her nephew, California Governor Gavin Newsom, supports his drunken aunt’s proposed bill.

“Wearing a mask is an easy way to help curb this vicious virus. And face it: states are going broke, so the fines from the idiots who b*tch about their FREEDUMB will help replenish budgets nationwide.”

Representative Joe Barron, Republican from Idaho, is furious that Speaker Pelosi would suggest such a blatant trampling of Americans’ rights to spread a deadly virus for which there is no cure, treatment, or vaccine. “My taters, excuse me, my constituents refuse to stop being selfish, ignorant twats. They would rather watch their grandma die than cover their face. God bless America.”

You know what COVID-19 has revealed about the Third World country known as the United States of America?

The ones who b*tch the loudest about their freedom and their rights are the most incredibly selfish twats in the country. Would they have been convinced to wear a face-covering if the scientists, doctors, and researchers trying to unravel this disease had told them that a mask protects THEM? Would they do it if it would protect them, instead of their neighbor?

Be a REAL American. Wear the damn mask.

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