Shocking Evidence Suggests Rep. Rashida Tlaib Is NOT American

She's un-American!

Representative Rashida Tlaib, Democrat of Michigan, is no stranger to controversy. From loudly stating on her first day in office that Democrats would impeach Donald Trump to getting arrested that one time for something really un-American and horrible, she is a disgrace to the country and should not be allowed to serve in Congress. So there.

And now, as the internet rumbles with hatred of brown people, especially those with foreign-sounding names and those who happen to be Muslim, new evidence has surfaced that suggests Rep. Tlaib is not American.

Before the pitchforks come out, relax. Unbunch your panties and unclench those pearls.

She’s American. She was born in Detroit, which, last time we checked, is in Michigan, which is part of America. She’s American, and in some ways, she’s a living embodiment of the American dream.

Her parents are Palestinian immigrants who had working-class jobs, raising 11 kids in Detroit. Tlaib graduated from college, got her law degree, and was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives before she won her seat in the US House of Representatives.

Sounds pretty American to me, no?

No, her name doesn’t sound like your average mayonnaise-American, like Jones or Smith — which puts her in a minority.

No, she’s not Christian — which puts her in a minority.

Much like the bigoted haters who latched onto the birther nonsense, claiming that Barack Obama wasn’t American, many people who don’t like Tlaib have decided that she can’t possibly be from here — and that she should be sent back “where she came from.”

Sure, these people are intellectually stunted dipsh*ts who comment on satire stories on Facebook, but there are enough of them that it’s become clear that for some truly un-American people, brown/Muslim/somehow different = not one of us.

And that’s un-American.

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  1. I still want her to leave my country. I do not accept that we bring all these foreigners in, support them, and then have them disrespect us. I am done with MF’rs like Rashida.I want her out of my country. Yes, I have no tolerance. Get out Rashida.

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