In 2008, Obama Created A Recession That Put Millions Out Of Work

The truth is right there in front of you

The liberal left-wing media is decrying the economy and job losses from the China virus right now, but they never said a word about Obama’s created financial meltdown of 2008 that saw millions of people lose their homes and jobs, and put millions on the welfare rolls. The media has stayed silent on this, until now. Twelve years ago the worst economic recession happened on Obama’s watch. And we will never forget it.

Obama’s 2008 housing market crash was one for the record books. Banks went under. People lost their homes. Many people didn’t realize that they’re mortgage that they thought they had with one bank didn’t exist anymore, it was bought by a bank with higher interest rates.  It was insanity. And it was all of Obama’s fault and there’s no getting around that.

White House communications director Joseph Barron said that the media had tried to quash the story while pointing the fingers at Donald Trump for the economic woes that are happening right now due to the ongoing pandemic that are totally not Trump’s fault.

Barron said Trump has done everything he can to stop the China virus and through golfing and tweeting, Trump has done a job that nobody thought was possible, such a good job that no one has ever seen anything like it.

People remember in 2007 and 2008 when gas prices were sky high and people were losing their jobs at a very high number, all because of Obama’s financial policies. Obama tried to change the rules, and when he did, the economy crashed around him and didn’t recover until our savior Donald Trump took office. It was almost immediate, the economy was never so good!

The media might lie to you, but Trump and his administration never will. They remember the hardships of the Obama presidency, especially in the beginning of 2007-2009. The Trump administration is making sure that will never happen again, as Trump has done literally nothing in office that would make America great again anyway.

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